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Things to Know

Need a pension estimate?


Want to know what your annuity balance?


     (NEW!) Track your Balances Electronically! here’s how…

          Log onto BAC’s homepage at

          Have your IU Number ready (located on the upper left of your Union card)

          Have the address of your active e-mail account ready

          Click on the “Member Portal” banner

          Click on “Create an Account”

          Follow the instructions on the screen

          Sign up for the receipt of IPF/BAC SAVE materials electronically

          Record your username and password for future use

See what the IU has to offer in tools, shirts, hats, etc.

     Website: (Go to Member Benefits -> Tool Sales)

International Union  Phone:1-888-880-8222    Fax 202-347-7339

Need to check your eligibility status or have a claim question?

     Call Zenith-American (Health Fund Office): 1-888-209-5830 or 203-269-7741


Need to review your claims?   

Important Reminders

  • Keep your dues current - DO not let your dues go beyond three months.

  • Notify your business agent where you are working.

  • Contact the union hall if you are working out of state.

  • Contact Stephen Carney  at 203-679-0572 for any certifications needed.

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